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Damascus steel

Damascus steel info
Damascus Steel was developed in Syria, in Damascus more than a thousand years ago. It was and still is a revolutionary material durability and particularly beautiful structures produced from it, thanks. Two different kinds of stainless steel, hard-hardening and soft has a number of layers, making it extremely durable. It manufactured with the highest quality products for demanding users, among others. Japanese samurai swords and knives.

Damascus jewelry
This fascinating and challenging material inspired me to design damascus steel jewelry, which are also made by me. The jewelry are made of stainless damascus steel and chain link is the 925 silver (sterling). Damascus steel price is more expensive than silver and approx. 100 times more expensive than the so-called normal stainless steel.
Damascus steel used for pendants not contain nickel, so it is safe for nickel allergy sufferers.

Finnish jewelry – Lappish production
Damascus Steel Jewelry are designed and manufactured in Rovaniemi, combining modern technology and traditional handicraft methods. Damascus steel basic shape is made with a laser or water cutting.
Finishing; grinding, several polishing and acidifying, which allow patterns to be expressed, are demanding handicraft skills. Damascus steel is clearly more laborious than traditional necklace made of precious metals gold and silver.

Jewellery nobility
Jewelry design is minimalist and timeless, while respecting material beautiful designs. Two damascus jewelry with similar pattern cannot be made. They are each unique – like we all. Therefore everyone is suitable excellently everyday and special occasions. The end result is a unique design steel necklace – jewelry nobility.

Mauri Härkönen
Industrial Designer